Welcome on our website. This is the website of the mv Donau. The mv Donau is a seagoing, general cargo vessel with worldwide class. The vessel is operated by Captain/Owner John Hartman and Captain/Owner Naftali Blokzijl. There is always a Captain/Owner present on the vessel. Both Captains are grown up on the Dutch inland river barges and have more than 25 years experience at sea.

The mv Donau is sailing for Longship BV at Groningen, Netherlands and mostly trading in Baltic, North Sea and sometimes in the Mediterranean.

The vessel can load all kinds of general cargo to all ports in the world. The mv Donau is built at Rousse Shipyard, Bulgaria and has the following notifications:

  • DNV-GL 1A1 General cargo carrier BIS Container DG(P) EO IB-3 Ice(1A) TMON
  • Multi Purpose Cargo Ship
  • Equipped for carriage of containers
  • Timber deck cargo
  • Grain cargo
  • Strengthened for heavy cargo
  • Ice class 1A acc Finnish ice class rules
  • + MC E3 AUT / Tail – shaft survey