About us

Rederij Wantij BV is a single ship company with a captain/owner construction. On our vessel there is always one owner onboard. The operation and management of the vessel is completely from the vessel. The vessel is equipped with a KVH-V7 satellite and is 24 hrs online and has always telephone connection.

The mv Donau is sailing for Nednor BV, and mostly trading in NW Europe (Baltic, Northsea, English Channel, Irish Sea, Bay of Biscay, Mediterranean). We are transporting all kinds of general cargo like : HBI, Stones, Pet cokes, Constructions etc.

The vessel has certificates to travel worldwide. Including are Panama certificate, Suez certificate and St.Lawrence certificate. The mv Donau is designed by a group of captain owners and very handy vessel for operation. The vessel makes approx 14 knots with only 2999 KW, which makes the vessel very economic.